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America's only EPA and UL-approved non-electric pellet stove


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No Electricity,
No Moving Parts

  The WiseWay Pellet Stove uses a revolutionary patented natural draft air control and gravity feed systems to provide the fuel and air to the combustion chamber. This patented burn control system uses no electricity and has no moving parts. This allows the WiseWay Pellet Stove to be used in . . .

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E.P.A. & U/L Approved

  The WiseWay Pellet Stove far exceeds all Environmental Protection Agency standards in both efficiency and pollution levels. The WiseWay Pellet Stove is the only EAP and UL approved non-electric pellet stove.

  The patented Natural Draft Air Control System allows the WiseWay Pellet Stove to deliver . . .

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No Electricity.... No Problem With A WiseWay!